Google Analytics for analyzing your website's traffic

The most common and powerful Analytics tool powered by Google will help you understand your user's behavior and allow you to generate custom reports

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics allows you analyze your website traffic. Inside the system you can customize the report to get information about your users, demographic information, technology information and geographic information. You can also set goals and conversion events to allow you to see more customized reports that are relevant to your site.

  • How to setup Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is very easy to install to get the most basic reports, all you need is to add the code through Google Tag Manager or directly on your website, you can also install it through plugins if you are on some sort of ecosystem like Wordpress.

  • What kind of information can I get inside my reports

    Google analytics gives a lot of information for free with no special setup, you can see reports of real - time traffic, page views, sources, country / region, devices and even demographic information like gender and age. Fortunitally Google Analytics is very flexible and allows you to get a whole lot more information but you need to set it up first.
    You can send custom events and even offline events to get even more information on the users. Using Google tag manager is a very great way to start setting events like clicks, submit forms, scrolling and custom events - most of these don’t even require development.

  • What kind of goals can I configure

    You can configure your goals as a page view on a certain page, a custom event or even a purchase that will include the amount on that purchase so you can get a full report of revenues and traffic including their sources so you can understand your business a lot better and decide where you should spend money in order to get more profits.

  • Can I use Google Analytics to understand a specific user’s action

    Yes! You need to enable the user ID feature and follow the terms which requires the user id not to include personal information. This will allow to create a report based on a specific user and understand his actions.

  • How do Set up my Google Analytics to get more insights

    You can start using Google Tag Manager and look for tutorials on the insights you are looking for, you can find online scripts and tutorials on adding custom events and some platforms like Shopify already has easy solutions that require no special setup beside a simple configuration.
    Using a custom website solution will require some custom coding on the website and you can use Astavelopment Professional service to get your account professionally configured and receiving your custom reports you always wanted.

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