Testing performance with Google PageSpeed Insights

A great tool to test your website's performance and getting detailed information on how you can improve your website experience for your users

What is Google Page Speed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to understand your website’s performance and how to improve it.

  • Why do I need to care about Google PageSpeed Insights

    Google is the most biggest search engine and it is the most powerful thing to rank higher, this way you basically get more traffic depending on your ranking, this is called organic traffic.
    Google’s Algorithm crawls through your website and checks lots of stuff and based on that it will calculate your ranking regarding search terms. One of the most important things for Google is the user experience, if your website is fast it will rank higher so it’s important to check your own website and see where you stand.

  • Why do I have a different ranking on Desktop and Mobile in Google PageSpeed Insights

    Desktop and mobile are two very different platforms, the main difference is the screen size and usually the performance on a mobile device is more limited in terms of processing power and network ability. Mobile score will check if your website is compatible in general to mobile and also check if you are serving heavy images for a small screen which is unnecessary and can cause slow performance on mobile. Google is giving more and more power towards the mobile due to the fact that the number of mobile visitor is increasing every year and even passed desktop users a few years ago. Google changed their ranking strategy on ranking to mobile first in 2018 which caused lots of websites to loose their high ranking.
    Non mobile pages will not even appear in mobile search results so if you don’t support mobile you don’t exist in Google for more than half of the users online.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights and Chrome new features, why should I use unsupported technologies in all major browsers

    Google developed Google Chrome using an open source project called webkit and they are always adding more and more features to improve website performance. Google page insights checks if you are using these new features and gives you a ranking based on that since these new technique are being standardized by the rest of the browsers and will be added to the rest of modern browsers so although this might not affect the performance to Safari, Firefox and IE this will once day and it’s always good to be first to improve the way Google sees you online.

  • How do I improve my page speed

    There are tons of techniques to improve performance most are very technical and involve knowledge and technical background, while this is true using an eco system like Wordpress allows you to accomplish many improvements only by installing some plugins. If you have a custom solution or using a system that doesn’t offer a good solution you can use Astavelopment professional services to accomplish a higher score.

  • Can I get a perfect 100 score

    Yes! You can get a perfect score, although this is possible sometimes the fact you have many 3rd party solutions like marketing platforms, chats and popup service might create many calls and might cause the ranking to be less than 100 but even with these solutions you can get a 80-90 score which in Google’s eye is very high compared to many websites especially after adding new rules in 2018.

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