Google Tag Manager for managing code on your website

The best tool to manage code on your site without any development, you can add remove any piece of code on your website through the UI and keep track on changes using the versioning feature

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a script that allows you to embed any piece of code on your site based on flexible events and keep version and history so you can easily manage this in an external secure system.

  • What kind if events can be triggered

    You can define events based on environment, url, clicks events, form submission, scrolling events and even custom events you can define through your website.

  • What kind of pieces of code can I embed

    Anything! You can add predefined tags which is a lot more easy because it has a UI with all the options and no coding skills are needed. You can also add custom code which can be anything from tracking scripts, advertising scripts, 3rd party providers that extend your site's functionality and even your own coding for anything you can imagine.

  • Why should I make the effort to move to Google Tag Manager

    Today every site wants to measure and increase traffic using more advertising platforms and at the same time overcome their competition.
    This means you always have to keep up with the world and the new technologies that popup every day. Using a tag manager will allow you to grant access to other users and manage permissions. You also have versions so you can see all changes made by any user and roll back changes without much effort.
    Another advantage is the fact you need to define triggers once and you can trigger multiple tags so adding more advertisement platform is easier and faster with no special development.

  • This seems complicated, is this for me

    Well everything can be complicated, the more you do in tag manager the more complicated it will be. There is a learning curve on tag manager and you can always move stuff gradually and if you like it you can do the extra mile and move everything into tag manager eventually.
    Marketing teams move fast and development usually slows the team from moving forward in this competitive world, using this technology will reduce development work which is always good and keeps business simple.

  • I don't know what I'm doing, can I check my changes

    Yes. Google tag manager allows you to manage environment and it also has a debug mode which allows you to preview your changes without publishing the changes.
    It also shows you a UI that reflects everything that happens inside the tag manager.

  • I want to try it out, how do I start

    You can open a free account through Google and play around the system without even installing it on your site. Navigating around the system will help you understand the different options and give you confidence to start working with this amazing tool.

  • What if I just want to use and and I don't want to set it up

    You can use our professional services to start working with the tag manager and also we can provide guidance once it's set so you can just focus on your marketing and less on development.

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