Mailchimp for communicating with your users

The most common email marketing solution for website owners that helps you build and send emails with ease

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a mailing service that allows you to engage with your users through email marketing.

  • Why should I use mailchimp

    Using Mailchimp provides a broad solution for email marketing, since the spam rules have become strict email marketing requires us to allow users to opt - out from any list any time.
    Mailchimp provides all these rules and laws out of the box so you can start running your campaigns right away.

  • How do I create my first email campaign

    First you need to create a list of users, this can be easily done using a custom list or a signup form, mailchimp has some non developers solutions to create this form. Once the list is created you can create an email using pre defined template and their easy editor.

  • What is I want to create my own branded campaign

    Create an email template is a very challenging programming task, first we got lots of email clients out there and lots of them are really primitive and limited, so it’s easiest to start with a template that was tested and compatible with most major clients like: Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and Thunderbird.
    Branding the template will be easier by changing the logo, fonts and colors to match your brand.
    If you still want your own branded designed template you can use Astavelopment Professional service to create this unique email.

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We provide development services to setup and integrate mailchimp to your website. We also provide email marketing development if you need to create new responsive email templates that will be compatible in all email clients.

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