Salesforce for managing your customers relationship

The worlds number one CRM platform that connects to almost everything, you can store all your client data and communication so you have all the information in one place

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management system, it allows you to keep track of all your clients and log any interaction with them.

  • Why should I use Salesforce

    Salesforce has been around for many years and is being used by the biggest corporations, the main advantage of this system is that it’s cloud based and that it has many out of the box integrations. Salesforce has a marketplace that offers many expandable ability and many integrations to 3rd party services.

  • What kind of data can I store in Salesforce

    You can store all the information on your clients including any interaction with the client, like emails, contracts, purchases, potential leads.
    Salesforce has many services that can enrich you data and will give you more information on the user although you don't have this information.

  • What can I do with information inside Salesforce

    This is a great way for sales teams to manage the communication with the client and make sure the client is being handled properly.
    You can also generate reports that may be very valuable, you can try to increase your profits using retention campaigns based on the data in Salesforce.
    You can reach out to old client that churned.
    You can leverage a purchase for new products based on client type.

  • How do I start using Salesforce

    You can create an account and integrate inside your site using plugins if you are in an eco - system like WordPress.
    Salesforce also provides a web to lead solution which allows you to create online forms using pure HTML.
    You can use pardot as a hosting solution pages with forms that has actions inside Salesforce.
    You can use Astavelopment professional services to integrate with Salesforce using a custom solution.

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