SendGrid for sending triggered emails

The most advanced service for sending emails to clients, this platform has a robust API that allows you to integrate with your product

What is SendGrid?

Sendgrid is a mailing service that allows you to engage with your users through email, this is an API based service that can trigger response emails or any other email easily through an API.

  • Why should I use Sendgrid

    Using Sendgrid will help you communicate with your users with automation, sending an email can notify your users that their request is being processed and you can update them through this channel with less human resources.

  • How do I start using Sendgrid

    You can start using Sendgrid with no development using plugins if you are using an eco system like Wordpress.

  • How do I start using Sendgrid for custom solutions

    Sendgrid has a robust API that allows you to send emails using custom events with dynamic content, Astavelopment Professional services can create any dynamic email using their API.

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We provide development services to setup and integrate SendGrid to your website. We also provide email marketing development if you need to create new responsive email templates that will be compatible in all email clients.

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