Unbounce for new landing pages

The fastest way to create landing pages without development, this platform has an easy UI that allows anyone to create a beautiful landing page that can connect to multiple products

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a landing page solution that allows you to create beautiful landing pages with no development skills. The UI is very friendly it used drag and drop and got lots of built in integrations.

  • Why should I use unbounce

    Unbounce allows you to accomplish fast landing pages with integrations to common systems without any development.
    You can also run A / B testing with a built in solution.

  • What kind of elements can I use in my unbounce landing page

    Although the functionality is very basic it still offers the majority of features you would use within any landing page, like responsive design, forms and popups.

  • How do I start a new account

    You can create a new account, add Google tag manager to your domain so you can add tracking and marketing scripts easily to your landing pages.
    Start a page with a template and add a form with the fields you need.
    Add an integrations to your form so you can view the leads inside your CRM or any other system you use.
    Custom setting can be done through Astavelopment professional services.

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Need any help?

We provide development services to setup Unbounce. We also provide custom scripting services on your unbounce pages that can improve your landing pages and tracking information you want to collect.

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