Wordpress for mamaging your content

The most robust and popular CMS on the web, this platform has lots of free extentions that help you add functionality to your website without any coding

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is an open source content management system that was originally designed for blogs but because of it's popularity and community it became very popular for all kinds websites.

  • Why is WordPress so popular

    WordPress has a really robust API which allows you to create almost any functionality.

  • What so great about WordPress

    The community is very big and many plugins were built around the eco system that allows non developers to add functionality without any development.
    The community also builds themes which allows website owners create a designed website without development and also customize it within the dashboard.

  • Why should I use WordPress

    You should try WordPress, the menu and the options make managing the content as easy as updating a word document.

  • How does WordPress management system look like

    Once you start using a clean installation you might not be that impressed, but the magic around it is the fact you can customize everything. This means you might not have the same experience as other site owners because the plugins really can change the entire CMS by adding more menus and options.

  • How do I start using WordPress

    You can start with dedicated hosting solutions for WordPress like wpengine which make it easy to start and then you can download any plugins or theme and start working on you custom content and design.
    If you want a more custom design you can use Astavelopment professional services to create a custom theme with your own options and settings.

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